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Idea Challenge – The Agency Simulator

For today’s Idea Share, the topic is a game concept I’ve considered off and on for years and thought now is the time to share it.

The Idea:

So how interesting/cool would it be to replicate and simulate the advertising agency/design studio life in a game?  Players create a persona for the game that sets some of the initial metrics for what type of boss/entrepeneur they are going to be.  These metrics can range from business verticals they are going to gravitate to and work best with, to personality types they will not get along with, to impulsive tendencies to go out and spend a chunk of agency cash to buy a Lambo.  The agency sim takes into account market the user chooses to live in, competitors, new business opportunities, talent hiring options, management talent, etc.  Choosing a area that is less populated with other agencies can be good for growth but can limit opportunities for new business if it’s in the middle of nowhere.  Once the user selects who they are, and where they want to work,  the next step is finding some customers.  They get options for growing their brand,  spending time/money initially to develop brand can be a good option but limits income as you’re starting out a one man shop and that’s time away from pitching/selling new biz.  Users can choose to go with a Hybrid approach of a little time on brand, more on pounding the pavement, each option effecting the overall success in measured increments.  Marketing budget for the agency can be spent initially on guerilla based efforts to grow awareness, or one huge event, trade show participation, Ad week, etc.  As the agency reputation grows business finds you.

Once you have customers the next step is project management and team interaction,  get the project done and done well.  Set deadlines with the customer,  assign team to the project, hire new people, you’re talent pool and their individual personalities factor into final success and delivery.  Get a great creative who can’t hit a deadline and you get awesome work, but it slows your team down.  It’s your job to create the mix for success.  Your reputation depends on it.  Great creative can possibly overcome a bad rep for missing deadlines,  prospects will weigh these portions of your rep when they choose to come to you to bid a project.

To take the game even further, make this a persistent world game with multiplayer.  Suddenly you’re competing with other agencies formed by players across the globe.  MadMen gone global.  Agency owners grow their reputations and can leave their studios to strike out on their own and form a new agency or join another players org.  Your persona’s reputation grows with successful business building and growth, making it easier to get funding from VC’s for product development which is where you can truly gain wealth.

Should be mandatory that all big agencies have a presence “in game” as well.  See how an real agency does starting from ground zero again.

BTW the game has to be completely socially integrated so that game agencies who tweet, facebook, blog real world achieve benefits right….

Might be fun right?


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