Twitter Insult Engine

Idea Challenge – Twitter Insult Engine

Call it “The Parting Shot”

Ever wanted to give someone on Twitter a big “middle finger” then unfollow them so you don’t have to hear their inane bitching about Star Wars sequels anymore?

For this idea it’s simple and to the point.  Twitter needs a fast effective insult tool for hurling something derogatory at a target then cutting them off like they don’t exist anymore.  A while back i was part of a project build for an application called “Unflock”.  It was a fun little app that let you unfollow twitter users in bulk based on a predefined list of higher end twitter spam offenders and people who just post too much.  (See also @briansolis etc)  It was a cool little app we designed and built at MudBrick but didn’t really push it very far and eventually canceled it.

For this iteration i’d say take it a step further.  Add insult capability (predefined insult library or user input) to let whatever tool you’re unfollowing know why and share the unfollow and verbal barb with the rest of the twitterverse.  Eventually maybe everyone jumps on board, the unfollows get a bit viral and you make a name for yourself for some of the wrong reasons and some of the right.  Fun….?


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