Life Sized Doll House

Target Life Sized Doll House – WHAAAAATTT?

Sometimes i truly am in awe of the stunt based marketing efforts that are going on around the world.  Today on AdAge, Target and their agency Deutsch built a life size dollhouse in grand central station.  No doubt something like this gets a ton of earned PR,  the question is how effective is it as a tool for customer interaction and moving the needle?  Time will tell but still pretty badass.

Grand Central Doll House

Excerpt from the article:
Created via agency Deutsch, Los Angeles, the 1,600-square-foot installation is made up of interlocking 4-by-8 panels that were fitted together in just 54 hours to create an open-plan house, as well as a patio and lawn area that will show off the line. There are somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 products on display in the house, everything from towels to lamps to throw pillows, and each one — other than a couch, a dining room table and a headboard — are for sale by Target.

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