Feel the Warmth

Idea Challenge – Shower Warmer

To get us all back on track and the ideas flowing again today’s concept is pretty simple and something i’d pay $100-$200 for easily.  We’ve all been in the situation,  you’re inside your shower and turn off the water,  you stare out at the towel on the rack outside the door longingly and wish to god you didn’t have to experience the cold that you know awaits you in opening the door.  You open it and instant chill.  What we wouldn’t do to bypass that part of the process right?  Well what if there was a device that would assist in keeping you warm while you get your towel off the rack.

Now cut to the moment you enter a Walmart in the winter time.  You are immediately hit by a wave of warm air from an overhead vent system that warms you from the outside and puts you in the shopping mood.  Imagine the heaters that spray that warm air down on you, but in a smaller implementation painted and concealed overhead in your shower.  It’s simple and effective.  No more worrying about staying warm when you exit.  Really this is not new technology or innovation,  just a different application of existing tech.  Sign me up!!

Walmart Heater

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