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Idea Challenge – Soul Reaper

Moving on in our challenge to something funny but with a morbid tilt,  i bring you, the Soul Reaper app.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Give the Devil His Due” and “Making a Deal with the Devil”?  Well what if there was a mobile app where you could compete for the souls of you’re friends and family?  Consider the basic premise:

You download Soul Reaper, authenticate the app to Facebook for simplicity of user ID and social media posting and the games begin.  The entire focus of the app is for a good cause, doing  things for people you know in a competition to basically own the rights to their souls in the afterlife.  So you signup and you’re aunt Betsy is a friend on Facebook.  You mow her grass every week and enter it as a task you completed for her.  Based on the apps sliding scale for how difficult a task is (which is dictated by an initial populate of tasks), you move a meter for Aunt Betsy a few ticks to the point where you can obtain her soul.  Aunt Betsy for her part, can play and do things for you, ex: buy you a new pair of sneakers,  her good deed, wins her back a portion of her soul and a portion of yours.

Should a player gain control of another’s soul they are rewarded with a playing card of the person they now own, with statistics of the things they have done for them and how they got final ownership.  This could be in the form of a digital playing cards stored in a deck on the mobile app which players can then trade as well or a printed certificate they can hang on their wall.

So now you ask,  what about monetization,  it will cost money to build an app like this?  Simple,  players can buy their way out of purgatory.  lol With a $5 donation, a portion of the proceeds donated to a worthy cause, the user can knock their meter down.

What’s that you say?  What if more than one person is vying for control of an individual?  Well that’s simple, the one who depletes their control meter for the user first wins.  But in reality the individual who’s soul is in jeopardy is the real winner, they get a lot of benevolent attention for nothing at all.  Sounds like a winner.

Coming to iOS and Android Markets soon!


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