Something Squirrely Going On Here…

So this may not be a popular post, and may at some point preclude me from winning any more Addy’s as a representative for any agency or solo, but it’s time to get it out in the open.  Advertising awards are about 80% bullshit.  I’ll take aim at one case in point and it’s one that I thought was completely ridiculous from the moment i saw the components and eventually heard it won a Silver Addy award. I was sure the someone had gone mental.  The Top Flight Media Earl the Squirrel self promo campaign.  Ok let’s be honest,  it’s a step short of using kittens in your content and hashtagging the shit out of them on every social channel you can find.   Now i know what you’re saying,  maybe it’s just my personal tastes in content that are jading me to the success of such a campaign.  Well let’s do it by the numbers,  there’s some images of their campaign,  two video pieces and some posts on Twitter and Facebook. (these are the publicly accessible numbers btw)

Adding it up:

Facebook Likes and Comments: 8 likes (3 of which are top flight media personel) no comments.  Ok maybe some of the likes were done by people with a million followers right?

YouTube Views:  Combined on the two videos 257 total views for the two videos and no comments.  Side note they stated there would be 7 weeks of videos one each week and only two were released.

Vimeo: Same videos on Vimeo got a total of 154 plays total.

Twitter: there was no retweets to speak of or any kind of replies of buzz on the hash created for the campaign outside of people using it for other things unrelated and not triggered by the agencies campaign.

So in total about 419 people reached on this campaign,  maybe more if you can factor the friends of friends that may have seen some of the 8 likes on Facebook.

That is not good penetration for a campaign and i’m not sure how in the hell it won a silver Addy.  Some may take this the wrong way and think i’m complaining about the creative,  in fact it’s the complete opposite,  i applaud the agency for producing something that got a win.  What i wonder about is how much politics were involved to produce the win.  It is honestly why these awards can at times be completely useless for anything other than agency spin for PR.  I’ve historically not put any of the projects I’ve been involved with over the years that have won advertising awards on my portfolio as “Awards”.  It’s kind of like the Oscars,  movie people giving movie people awards.  When you factor in that, at times, the judges spend more time judging awards and sitting on committees than actually producing high end creative, you may wonder if it’s really worth the cost of entry.  I do have to admit i enjoy the numerous kitschy references to nuts in the video pieces though,  i’m a base humor kind of guy.

Ok here in lies the end of my soap box on awards like the Addy’s.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Feel free to check out the video evidence yourself as well:


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